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A Beautiful, Disasterous Dream Of Citric Acid

It Always Rains Hardest On Those Who Deserve The Sun

Rain Liqueur
Greetings. I am Rain Liqueur.

This is my LiveJournal. I can only assume that you wish to know more about me seeing as how you've decided to pay a visit to my profile. Shall we start?

I am unemployed as of the moment unless you count seeing a dog once a day five days a week. I'm generally lazy and a procrastinator. I'm a manipulative, cold-hearted bitch, although unless you really deserve it you won't see all of that side of me. Most of the time I'm pretty apathetic about most things. I'm a misanthrope and a cynic. I tend to like my own reality better than what you call reality.

I like to write. A lot. I often write in my free time. I'd like to make writing a part of my career, but I'm not holding my breath. I want to be able to write what I want and NOT have to write tons of essays to get there. I'm a Nazi when it comes to grammar and such. I am part of a beta group and have beta-ed for over ten people. I've had no complaints so far. If you'd like to know more of my beta information, don't hesitate to ask.

I also draw. None of it's really good at all, but I enjoy it. I usually prefer to use coloured pencils, but I also use watercolours, watercolour pencils, and sharpies.

I love taking photos. Usually, my photos are things that look interesting to me, but may not be to others. It's mostly nature stuff.

I also make embroidery thread bracelets and sell them.

Murphy's Law and Karma hate me, but I haven't been hit by a car yet. (That has actually changed since I did a full edit of this profile. I was in a car myself, though, so my injuries were minimal.) I did get close once, though. I played chicken with an old lady in a white car. She had the whole other side of the road and there were no other cars. It's not that hard to go around. I may be fat, but I'm only one person. In the end, the old lady gave up. I also tripped onto a median after running across the road. That was fun. And my knee hurt for months afterwards (no joke). And then there was that one time that I stepped out into the road as a car went by and almost walked into the car.

Other interests:
I'm a super anime and manga nerd. I have a large collection of graphic novels, a smaller collection of DVDs, and the longest list ever of the graphic novels and DVDs I'd like to own. I also read 'real' books. One of my favourite authors is Stephen King. The best genres are horror, thriller, suspense, mystery, etc. I love watching movies. My favourite movie types are the ones that really make you think and make you try to figure things out before the end. (ex: Stay, The Jacket, The Sixth Sense)

Other sites you can find me on:
adultfanfiction.net (Beta only.)

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