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15 June 2013 @ 01:22 am

Okay, so I never get cramps, alright? Almost never. And when I do, they're barely there and I can ignore them. I'm like the Asian lady in that episode of Friends when Rachel was giving birth and the Asian rolls by in her wheelchair and gets a contraction and is like, 'Ooh, that was a big one!" Yeah, that's generally me.

Not this time. Today (okay, technically yesterday) just after I left for Dori's the pain starts. It's not so bad at first, but it progresses and by the time I'm back home, I'm feeling nauseous and incredibly tired. The pain progresses and it's not long before I'm trying not to barf. This is very reminiscent of two summers ago when I got those muscle spasms. (Nausea, sweating, lightheaded/dizziness when I stood.) I spent five hours of today switching between pacing between my bedroom and the kitchen and rolling around at the end of my bed while icing down my uterus. (I know they say use heat, but ice works better for me.) I thawed out an ice pack, a bag of strawberries, and a bag of corn.

At about six, the pain finally started dying down. It went from a seven or an eight down to about a four, which is where it has stayed pretty steadily. I was also able to eat a bit of dinner. (I had like 12 Ritz for breakfast so I was glad I could eat something.) It's just uncomfortable enough to be incredibly annoying. :/ I've taken Bayer twice already, but it doesn't seem to help.

All the awards to the ladies who deal with this shit every month. Seriously. If I had to deal with this every month, I'd want to off myself.

Where To Take The Acidic Medicine: Main room
Citric Acid In The Brain Whispers: annoyedannoyed
Hissing As The Acid Burns Sounds Like: CSI on telly